Can students on placement participate in the RCWP2A training?

Can students on placement participate in the RCWP2A training?

Yes.  Eligible students are able to participate in the Reimagined Child Welfare Pathway to Authorization (RCWP2A) series. Students who meet the program requirements will be able to register in regularly scheduled RCWP2A series. There is no additional tuition cost for placement students or agencies.  To begin the registration process and for related inquiries, please contact Sana Affara, Learning Delivery Specialist at Please note that students will not be able to self-register in RCWP2A training on the myOACAS Learning Portal.  Placement students are enrolled at the discretion of OACAS Learning based on availability and that in the event of over enrollment, priority will be given to current, full-time permanent agency staff.
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