Minimum Technical Requirements Document

Minimum Technical Requirements Document

myOACAS Learning has established minimum technical requirements for learners to participate in online learning environments. Your computer should meet the minimum technical requirements recommended to access myOACAS Learning. Using computer systems, hardware, software, and internet connections that do not meet these minimum requirements could impact your ability to participate in and complete your courses. Issues that result from using non-recommended systems may not be solved by the myOACAS Support Centre.

The following are the minimum technical requirements for use of the myOACAS Learning system.

Hardware Requirements

Though our systems are entirely browser based, a minimum level of hardware is needed to process video, audio, and graphical media.

  • Intel Pentium 4 processor or AMD equivalent Any desktop, laptop, or tablet with a wired network port.
  • If your course requires Zoom meetings, you will need a functional web camera, microphone and audio playback (speakers). Refer to the Zoom System Requirements.
  • Ensure that your device has “Set Time Automatically”/”Set Time Zone Automatically”. This will ensure that timed tests such as the Authorization Candidacy Examination (ACE) are calculated accurately.
  • A printer is not required for our content. However, most content is printable for those who prefer it.

Software Requirements

Operating System (OS):

  • MacOS X (10.10) or higher
  • Windows 8 or higher
  • Chrome OS (Chromebook)
  • *Apple iOS for iPhone and iPad (Safari Only)
  • *Android OS for Android phones and tablets (Chrome Only)
  • Though many alternative systems such as Linux may work, we cannot guarantee support for them.
*Mobile devices are not recommended.


Notice: Ensure that JavaScript and cookies (including 3rd party cookies) are enabled in your browser. Please ensure auto-updating is enabled for your browser of choice, as most tools are optimized to work with the newest browser versions.

  • Apple Safari
  • Google Chrome
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Mozilla Firefox

Notice: Internet Explorer is not compatible with our systems.

You can use the Brightspace System Check to ensure your browser is properly configured to use the learning system. Accessibility Tools:

  • JAWS*
  • NVDA

Notice: Though the tools to access our content will be optimized for both JAWS and NVDA, all our course content is currently only optimized for NVDA. If you encounter any compatibility issues with JAWS, please contact us at the myOACAS Support Centre.


Network Requirements

  • A 5Mbps download is needed according to FCC standards on Student systems. Speeds slower than this may result in poor stability.
  • A very stable connection is required. Even the fastest internet speed may experience issues if not stable. A hardwired Cable or DSL connection is strongly recommended, particularly for submitting assignments and taking quizzes.

URL Safelist:

Some secure networks may block sites and prevent you from accessing myOACAS content. We recommend ensuring the following domains are included in your safe domains list. This does not represent the full list of all domains that your course may use or link to.

  • (AWS)
  • (AWS)
  • (AWS)

Email Safelist

Please ensure the domain is safelisted so that important OACAS information does not go to your junk folder.

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