What are new workers allowed to do pre-Authorization?

What are new workers allowed to do pre-Authorization?

Agencies may have their own “Pre-Authorized” work assignments, however, please below for a sample list of the activities which non-authorized staff are able to engage in independently before becoming Authorized.

  • Work in pairs/teams with experienced Authorized Child Welfare Professionals
  • Attend and participate in transfer visits/plans of care/reassessments in the placement/resource departments
  • Active involvement in case support (contact collaterals, attend court, identify resources for family, and conduct online research)
  • Help to organize files for reviews, consultations, affidavit preparations
  • Review files and determine what is pertinent material; for instance, what would go in social histories, what information would be vetted etc.
  • Learn about and practice completing documentation requirements in all departments
  • Supervise access visits and shadow activities in other departments

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